Nonaka manufacturing company limited.
1-1-8 Ishihara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Fax: +81-3-3623-9619
President: Kiyoshi Nonaka


Kijyuro Nonaka
Kijyuro Nonaka founded Nonaka Manufacturing company.
His son Kiichi Nonaka changed the name of the company to
Nonaka Machine Manufacturing and began producing thread
winding systems for Sewing machine. At the same time, he aquwired
the patents for numerous other machine parts of Machine system.

Company name changed to Nonaka Seisakujyo( Nonaka Mfg.Co.,Ltd)
and registered as Cooporation.

1972 A friend of the President , working as a taylor requested Nonaka
to make soundless punch because his tool makes too much noise.
In order to meet the customer( Taylor) , we have started to develop
the Screwpunch.
1976 Sucecessful development of a tool which use torque force instead of
having to strike the head of hammer.
This tool was named the “Screwpunch” because it use revolving
force to punch a hole.
The same year, it went into commercial manufacture.
The New Patent was acquired. Patent No.12169112
At this time the company also applied “Screwpunch“ to be
registered as a brand name but was rejected.
Since then, the tool has commonly become known as the
Screwpunch, althogh this was not a registered brand name.
1992 As a result of the expiration of the term of the patent,many people
began to make forgeries
1992 to the present : Screwpunch has proved very popular since it’s
invention, and is used as tool for sewing ,handcraft, leathercraft and
papercraft .
Today, many pople use this tool in the popular hobby of scrapbooking.
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