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What’s screw punch?

ABOUTWhat’s screw punch?

The screw punch is a screw-in type drilling punch that NONAKA acquired a utility model in 1977 in Japan.
Unlike the conventional mallet method, you can easily make holes just by pushing from above, and since there is no sound, you can use it anytime and anywhere.
It is used by many people in fields such as leather craft, paper craft, and scrap booking.

Good sharpness

FEATUREGood sharpness

At NONAKA, we are particular about the sharpness of the blades. Since the punch blades are manually sharpened one by one with many years of experience and unique technology, it is possible to make beautiful holes without “burrs” even with leather or cloth.

Sharpening work 2016 certificate by Sumida Modern


NONAKA was founded in 1908 by the grandfather of the current president, Mr. Kiyoshi Nonaka, and developed before the war by manufacturing special sewing machines for sewing tabi kohaze. After that, his father, Kiichi, became the second president, and after the war he obtained a patent on the spool of a sewing machine and manufactured its precision parts. The request to make it was the trigger for the development of the screw punch. Until then, drilling was done by hitting a metal rod with a blade with a mallet, so there was a loud noise.
Then, in 1976, he succeeded in developing a “screw punch” that was screwed in to make a hole, and the following year he acquired a utility model and started full-scale production. We are keeping the company’s history.